6 things you should know about the Cogito Pop smartwatch

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    Cogito Pop syncs seamlessly with your smartphone

    As we dive into the era of wearable technology, the watch appears to be the product category that is set to undergo the most radical change.

    If you’re one of those who dislike how watches are becoming more like computers, or loathe those hideous square/rectangular faces of the modern smartwatch, then the Cogito Pop may be just right for you.

    But before you go running to get yourself a pair, here are six main points about the Cogito Pop that you should take note of.

    1. It’s first and foremost a watch

    The Cogito Pop isn’t that smart for a smartwatch, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. The charm of the Cogito Pop lies in the fact that its makers put an emphasis that it’s fundamentally a traditional analog watch, and secondarily a smartwatch.

    This is reflected in the very practical design. You receive alerts, and are able to use your watch to control specific functions on your smartphone like the camera and music player. You are, however, not able to actually interact with the watch by replying to messages, for example.

    And that means no sending of your heartbeat to friends and all that hogwash.

    2. Main features + third party app support

    Cogito Pop syncs up to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth Smart technology to a downloadable app called “Connected Watch”.

    This allows the watch to alert the user to calls, messages, emails, reminders, social media updates, and phone battery levels.

    One of the biggest features, we feel, is the ability to support 3rd party messaging apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype and Viber.

    3. Function customisation

    Users can organise information they receive by customising settings based on priorities and select notifications they would like to receive. LED icons on the watch face alert users to calls, emails, messages and social media notifications.

    The watch also allows users to remotely trigger their phone camera, control their music and locate their phones.

    4. It uses conventional button-cell batteries

    No pain of charging your watch every night – I’m sure most of us have enough devices to worry about each night before hitting the sack.

    The fact that it uses standard watch batteries makes them easily replaceable at watch shops. The guys at Cogito guarantee up to a year of uninterrupted power from using the watch’s Bluetooth Smart technology.

    The Cogito Pop comes in 6 attractive colours.

    5. Award-winning design

    This watch was named an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for Wireless Handset Accessories – an accolade bestowed by CES organisers for outstanding design in cutting edge consumer electronics products.

    What we’re most impressed with is the fact that Cogito has made a smartwatch that doesn’t look like a Pebble or Apple Watch type.

    6. Who is it for?

    We really like the idea of a smartwatch that looks just like a real one. It’s actually a little refreshing given the wealth of highly computerised watches in the market.

    However, we can’t help but be convinced that this watch is made for a younger audience in mind. The 6 trendy colours are a little too young-ish for our tastes (maybe we’re just old souls), especially when you compare it to the more mature-looking Cogito Classic.

    The RRP of S$179.00 also offers a relatively low price point for a younger crowd eager to hop onto the smartwatch bandwagon without burning a hole in their pockets.

    This, coupled with the limited smartwatch functionality, creates a product that will be perfect for the average consumer who doesn’t need these devices running their lives.

    The Cogito Smartwatch is currently available at the following locations:

    Raffles City Shopping Centre
    T: 6338 2094

    Westgate Mall
    T: 6465 9169



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