COMEX 2014: 5 tips for a better experience

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    Singapore’s insatiable thirst for its quarterly IT fairs is widely known, with record crowds and sales occurring at almost every major exhibition. We’re pretty sure that it would be no different at COMEX 2014.

    If you’re still bent on heading down to the fair after reading our article on why you should give COMEX a miss, then perhaps you should check out our list of C-O-M-E-X tips below to help make your experience better.

    Choose your deals wisely

    Some good deals you can expect would be for common consumer electronic devices such as televisions, computers, monitors and external hard drives. You can also expect to score good deals with Internet plans from service providers.

    Obviously on the other hand, there are some brands that wouldn’t be cheaper, like Apple products. Cameras don’t usually present themselves as particularly good deals either. Some may be negligibly cheaper, especially the more popular models. The biggest benefits you get with camera purchases at such fairs are the freebies, which are given out a little more than usual.

    Online brochures

    Want to compare prices? Just get onto the web to find scanned brochures of deals from the biggest brands. It’s really not worth making your way down and squeezing through the crowds just to get a few brochures.

    You can find the list of brochures here. Do note that the pricelist will be updated constantly as they are released, very often on the first day of the fair itself.

    Map out your route at the exhibition

    Remember to check out the floor plan displayed outside the exhibition halls before going in. You’ll want to avoid going back and forth across the halls scouting for the brand you’re looking for.

    Do note that there will be many booths from resellers that carry many popular products such as the hard disk brands. It would pay just to do that little bit of homework before diving in.

    Early birds don’t always catch the juiciest worms

    There’s a benefit in actually going down to the fair late on the last day. It’s when merchants usually lower the prices of products they haven’t been able to sell. This is especially true for the bigger ticket items.

    However, the drawback is that the popular stuff may have already sold out before the 11th hour, so be sure to have a plan B or C in case your first-choice item is no longer available.

    Xmas comes early

    Why not just go crazy while you’re at it? It’s a good time to stock up your stash of random items to give away during Christmas. Sure, there’s still the Sitex fair at the end of the year, but that’s at the Singapore Expo – not the most convenient location for most.

    COMEX 2014
    28 – 31 August, 12pm – 9pm
    Suntec City Convention Hall, Levels 4 & 6