App stays relevant despite iPhone 6’s curved edges, find out how they did it

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    Cycloramic for iPhone 6

    The team at GrateNews was recently having an animated discussion on how the iPhone 6 was going to send one of our favourite apps last year, the Cycloramic, straight to the apps graveyard.

    Cycloramic is an app that cleverly makes use of iPhone’s vibrating motor to capture great 360-degree panaromic selfies, hands-free — a great tool to whip out at parties.  One key component required  to allow the phone to hum stably to the vibrations is the need for squared edges. While the last few iPhone models worked like a charm for Cycloramic, the new iPhone 6 have seemingly put the app out of business.

    Well, much to our amusement and surprise, to prevent total annihilation from the curve edges of the iPhone 6, the team at Cycloramic have come up with an indigenous way to maintain relevant despite the design change from Apple. The solution? Take your iPhone charger, slot your iPhone 6 between the “pins”, and press start! While the video tested it on a 2-pin plug, we tried the iPhone 6 on the 3-pin plug used in Singapore and Malaysia and it didn’t work so well. And oh, it doesn’t work on the bigger screen iPhone 6 Plus either. Good try, Team Cycloramic.

    Check out their humourous video on staying very much in business for the iPhone 6, at least for the “2-pin pluggers”.