Oops! Quick, delete your sent sms with ‘Strings’

    Strings messaging app
    No more drunk SMSes

    Ever woke up one morning and recalled that you had drunk texted your ex something you didn’t intend to? Well, that happens to the best of us. Good thing is, there’s something you can do about it.

    A new messaging app called ‘Strings‘ lets you remotely remove any unintended sent messages, photos or videos by erasing them from its server permanently. By doing so, it also removes the material from everyone’s phone, whether or not the recipient has read the message. And since you can’t save or download any of the messages sent via Strings, there’s no record of it once deleted. Poof, gone!

    strings messaging app
    For the ultimate control freaks, Strings lets you authorise who you want your images and videos to be seen

    However, there are strings attached. In order for it to work, both you and your recipients have to have Strings on their phones. So while we would love to have full control over our conversations, we think it would be a challenge getting all our friends to be on the new platform, especially since Strings is not available on Android yet. iOS can download it for free.

    Apps with un-text functions are not new in the market. Similar apps include Cyber Dust and Ansa. Besides automatically deleting messages 30s after they have been read, Cyber Dust also disables screenshots of messages. Ansa, on the other hand, has an “off the record” function that programs every message to be deleted 60 seconds after it has been read.