Lock your bike without a lock with Denny and Yerka

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    The Denny bike locks without a lock (Photo: Sizemore Bicycle)

    Bike security is something that every cyclist out there values highly, and why not? So in the latest tech advancement to help fend off bike thieves, come two separate projects – Denny and Yerka – from Seattle and Chile respectively.

    The Denny

    The Denny bike looks stylish and chic, with some fancy high tech features complementing a great practical overall design.

    Among its swanky features are electric power assist, turn signals, automatic headlights, automatic gear shifting and a rectangular handlebar that can open up to act as its own bike lock.

    The Denny recently beat out four other designs to win The Bike Design Project competition held by Oregon Manifest, so expect the offering to be made available to the mainstream market next year after bike manufacturer Fuji Bikes committed to producing the bikes.

    The Denny bike features a removable handlebar lock system (Photo: Sizemore Bicycle)
    The Denny features a removable handlebar lock system.

    The Yerka

    The guys from the Yerka Project claim their bike design renders it “unstealable”. That’s a pretty big statement to make, but it’s pretty easy to see why they think that way after seeing the bike in action.

    Other than the focus on safety, design and comfort, the idea behind the Yerka’s security is its removable seat, which is able to fit into the down tube of the bike frame, hence acting as its own locking mechanism.

    The result? A bike that looks as if it was built around the railing/tree/pole (insert whatever object you lock your bike round).

    The Yerka's seat can be removed to fit into the bike's down tube, creating its own locking mechanism. (Photo: Yerka Project)
    The Yerka’s seat can be removed to fit into the bike’s down tube, creating its own locking mechanism.

    Back in 2010, a guy named Kevin Scott designed the Collapsible Bike, a bendable bicycle that can literally wrap around a pole. However for some reason, that project didn’t resonate with the masses and it didn’t take off. We have no idea why, sounds like a pretty cool idea, if you asked us.

    Hopefully the Denny and Yerka projects would find success easier to come by. It would certainly be fascinating seeing these on the streets.



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