Why football fans will love the FootballHero app

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    Disclaimer: GrateNews does not condone the use of this app for real gambling purposes.

    FootballHero is a new social football prediction game to hit the market, and it allows users to compete against friends, or global opponents by predicting football scores.

    Whether you’re a hardcore football fan, or just love sticking it to your friends, here is a list of reasons why you’ll love FootballHero.

    A new take on fantasy football

    We’re sure many of you are familiar with the fantasy league concept, where you choose a team of players and compete against your friends based on points scored by your selected players and how they perform in real life.

    Well, it’s the same thing here. Pick your predictions before the match, and pray hard you win. Players can check their rankings globally, as well as create private leagues to compete with friends.

    You love the idea of punting… without money

    Let’s not kid ourselves, people are risk takers. Some just don’t like gambling for various reasons – and one of the big reasons is putting our money at risk.

    So why not try this out? A virtual, gamified bookmaker that allows you the enjoyment of punting without the nightmare of putting your money on the line.

    FootballHero provides statistics on which team is favoured by players, as well as different punting categories

    You always give the, “I told you so” speech when it comes to football predictions

    Bragging rights are a big deal, especially among friends. Think you understand the game better than them?

    Make it official and set it in stone by challenging them on FootballHero. It’s a sure way for you to put to bed all doubt about your mastery of football predictions.

    You get to win an all-expense paid trip to the UEFA Champions League Finals in Berlin

    The headline just speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Apart from the private leagues you can set up to play against your friends (or frenemies), there will also be a FootballHero Championship. Global users will compete in weekly, monthly and overall season championship for prizes such as autographed memorabilia and game-work jerseys.

    And of course, the overall winner would get to fly to Berlin for the UEFA Champions League Finals.

    You’re a big fan of TradeHero

    As you  may know, FootballHero comes from the same guys who brought us TradeHero. So if you’ve played TradeHero and loved it for its gamified, yet realistic and educational trading simulation, then you’ll love FootballHero.

    It’s free

    Zilch, zero, nada cost.

    The FootballHero app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.