Website lets you see how you’ll look 20 years from now

    At some point in our lives, we’ve all wondered what will become of us when we grow older. Will my cheeks sag, will I have kids, will my dreams come true – and other myriad questions of what to expect.

    Now, there’s a website by British Telecom company, Orange, to help you better visualise how you would look 20 years from now using a facial recognition software.

    It goes one step future – you ‘ll also be able to interact with your future self who’ll  answer questions about what’s in store – from your status, kids-to-be to whether flying cars will become a reality. But take them with a pinch of salt, for the responses are based on likely future trends rather than real life situations.

    Sounds good so far. But are the images believable? Judging from what we’ve seen, there seems to be more misses than hits. See them for yourself.

    future self 1

    future self 2