Why you should give COMEX a miss

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    COMEX 2014 is just round the corner (28-31 August), and maybe you’re still in half a mind on whether to go down or not.

    Well, if you’re not ready for ‘war’, then you’ll probably want to stay away. Here are four reasons why you may want to give COMEX a miss.

    It’s just too damn crowded

    Diving in to COMEX is tantamount to going to a club, and trying to squeeze past the people on the dance floor just to get to the bar across from where you are. After which, you’ll still be facing all sorts of problems trying to get your order down at the bar.

    That’s exactly what it will be like at COMEX, and you’re not even getting drunk at the end of it.

    Check out Funan and Sim Lim instead

    These specialised IT malls will usually give discounts to match the prices of products sold at these IT fairs. So if freebies aren’t that important to you, then it may be well worth the convenience of not heading to where everyone else is going.

    Save the dough to get the new Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6 will be announced on 3rd and 9th September respectively. These are two very eagerly-anticipated phone launches, so I’m sure many of you would be interested to get your hands on either one (or both).

    So why not save the money instead?

    Great deals for TVs available elsewhere

    You may have heard that TVs at IT fairs can get downright cheap. And it’s true, but that’s also because TVs everywhere are getting downright cheap these days.

    Which brings us to the point that some resellers offer great deals for TVs when the IT fair sales are on. Audio House and Courts (yeah, not the best for furniture apparently, but electronics are ok) spring to mind.

    If these reasons are not enough to scare you away from COMEX, then do check out our top tips on making COMEX 2014 a positive experience for yourself.

    COMEX 2014
    28 – 31 August, 12pm – 9pm
    Suntec City Convention Hall, Levels 4 & 6



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