12 hottest wallet-friendly tech gifts you can buy this Christmas

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    Netatmo June

    If you are going to get a gift anyway, why not pick one that will up your “geek factor”. These 12 gift ideas will surprise even the geekiest of geeks. And they are extremely useful too – all without leaving you broke this festive season.

    1. The Tile, $25


    Get this for that scatter-brain friend of yours. Attach Tile to an item like your keys, and you won’t have to worry about losing them (again). The Tile basically casts a Bluetooth signal of up to 100 feet and when you begin searching for a lost item, your phone tracks the Bluetooth signal strength of your Tile. It’s like play hot and cold. When you are near the item, the Tile will play a song to let you better know its whereabouts.

    2. Netatmo June, S$155


    We all know UV rays from the sun damages and causes premature aging of your skin. But most people (yes, you) are guilty of not slathering on sunscreen to prevent that. Fret not, JUNE from Netatmo is a beautiful bracelet that measures your exposure to the sun throughout the day. It even suggests the most appropriate SPF cream for your skin, and reminds you when to put on your hat and sunglasses. This may be the best gift you will ever buy for your girlfriend yet.

    3. Lumo Lift, S$129

    An activity tracker that corrects your posture. For desk bound warriors, we sometimes need to be reminded that our face is way too close to the laptop screen and that our backs is now a permanent C. Lumo Lift discreetly tracks your posture and activity and sends vibration reminders when you slouch. Sit up straight!

    4. SIGMO Voice Translation Device, S$65

    How does instantly being able to speak in 25 launguages sound? This cutting edge device called SIGMO will help you translate one language to another with just a press of the button. All you need to do is pair the device with your smartphone and set your native language and the language you want to translate to. Get this, this device even translates to Thai! Use it for your next shopping trip to Bangkok. Sawadee-kap! At US$50 a pop, we have no complaints.

    5. Nanoleaf One LED Light Bulb, S$45


    The first LED light bulb in the world to achieve 1600 lumens (100 watts) of brightness using only 12 watts of electricity. That means to say, this bulb can cut electricity consumption per lighting point by up to 88%! It also lasts 20 times longer compared to normal incandescent bulbs. We say buy more and do your part for the planet. Let there be light!

    6. LEO the Maker Prince, S$15


    Technically not a gadget, LEO the Maker Prince is a book that introduces 3D printing to children by following Carla and LEO’s journey through Brooklyn. The character LEO, is a walking, talking robot who happens to be able to print (in plastic of course) the objects that Carla draws. The objects created by the characters in the book are available for download from Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/leothemakerprince). 3D printer not included.

    7. Waterpebble, S$15


    Ever travelled with friends who take forever to shower? Gift them the Waterpebble and encourage them to save water and utilities bill. This nifty gadget monitors your shower’s water flow and tells you when it’s time to get out. Just tell them that they are doing their part for the environment.

    8. AURA Breath Analyzer, S$209


    Planning for a big party (with alcohol of course) this Xmas? This breath analyzer will be a lifesaver! Not only useful for this X’mas, the gift is a good gadget to take along with you to every party you are attending in 2015 and beyond. You can get this fashionable piece of tech for US$160 on their website.

    9. Aeropress, S$65

    Buying a cuppa in Singapore from a cafe every morning can cost a fortune. How about helping your caffeine addict friends save some money with the Aeropress? The small and mighty Aeropress makes a cup of strong and flavourful French press coffee in 20 seconds, with you supplying the pressure of course. You can get it from highlandercoffee.com.

    10. Misfit Shine, S$179


    This high-tech ‘macaroon’ is one of the hottest tech wearables in the market. Sleek and futuristic looking, the buttonless gadget is a clock, a waterproof activity tracker and an accessory. You can buy it at store.misfit.com or Apple store.

    11. Star Theatre Pro, S$92 (sale price)


    Finally, something to surprise the kids, a “home planetarium”? Basically, the Star Theater Pro is a portable projector that turns your plain white ceiling into a starry night sky. You can either view the stars and the solar system as a still image or let it slowly rotate for a more immersive experience. How’s that for some brownie points with the kids?

    12. CardNinja, $18.90 (sale price)


    CardNinja is a pocket made out of Spandex and can be attached to the back of most smartphones. When attached, the stretchable pocket lets you hold up to a total of 8 cards snuggly. This simple attachment is great for those times when all you need is some cash, an ATM or credit card. Great for the minimalist friend.