Hub+ brings back those missing ports on the new MacBook

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    Made the decision to get one of those sleek, sexy super-light MacBooks – but more than a little bothered by the lack of some standard ports? Don’t think you’re the only one going through this; even us at GrateNews aren’t quite used to that idea yet.

    Hub+ (photo by Nonda)


    Hub+ (photo by Nonda)

    That’s why Nonda’s Hub+ for USB-C on Kickstarter is such a life-saver. While it was only a matter of time that such a dongle would have been released, we’re still pretty excited at what it offers. MacBook users will get back all those essential ports, namely:

    • 2 USB-C ports
    • 1 SDXC card reader
    • 1 mini DisplayPort
    • 3 USB-A ports
    • Built-in lithium ion battery to charge any phone

    USB-C ports are included for charging purposes  (photo by Nonda)

    First impressions

    The inclusion of the two USB-C ports appears to act mainly as a bridge to charge the laptop. Simply plug in the USB-C power cord into one USB-C port, while the other USB-C port will hold the USB-C to USB-C connecting cord that attaches back to the laptop (and of course, it’s included in the Hub+ package).

    The built-in lithium ion battery to charge phones is pretty cool and unique, while the remaining ports are all pretty standard fare. But we must say: having three USB-A ports is good. Ok no, it’s actually pretty kickassawesome!

    The Hub+ even charges your smartphone with its built-in lithium ion battery (photo by Nonda)

    The super slim profile of the Hub+ is also pretty eye-catching. And that’s the whole point of getting the MacBook anyway, right? The Hub+ is slim enough to fit into your jeans pocket, and only weighs 99g. If the Kickstarter stretch target of $250,000 is met, Nonda will add in the option to get a Hub+ dongle in space grey or gold – basically one which matches your MacBook colour.

    Check out the Hub+ for USB-C campaign on Kickstarter. The project will be funded on Tuesday, 16 June at 1459hrs Singapore time.

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    Hub+ (photo by Nonda)


    So slim you can even keep it in your jeans pocket (photo by Nonda)


    Hub+ (photo by Nonda)


    Hub+ for both business and pleasure (photo by Nonda)