Instagram now supports landscape and portrait formats

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    Image: Instagram blog

    You know that kick-ass group shot you took with your friends the other night? That would have been so great to post on Instagram… if only your friends at the corners didn’t get chopped off by the square format.

    I feel you, we’ve all been there. And don’t get me started on apps such as Squaready. It’s useful, yes, but stability issues have taken the shine off it. Also, some of us don’t appreciate the additional step of posting a simple image to Instagram either. These things were made to be easy and simple.

    This is why Instagram’s latest app update is such a godsend. With the ability to now share photos and videos in both landscape and portrait formats — in addition to the usual square format — we can now select a format that’s best suited to what photos or videos we are sharing.

    To select the new image formats, you can tap the format icon when posting an image or video to adjust the orientation to portrait or landscape. Instagram will still display each post as a square on your profile grid to keep its clean feel, so your landscape or portrait posts will appear there as centre-cropped squares.

    Possibilities are now endless with these new simple functions enabled in Instagram. Can’t wait to see what we can do with these new formats? Follow us now on Instagram!