Issue your own executive orders in seconds with this GIF maker

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    If you are wondering what else will President Trump make illegal next, why not create some. According to New York Magazine, a new site called coded by Ivan Seidel, Bruno Lemos, and João Pedro, now allows you to create GIFs of the newly inaugurated US President presenting executive orders that forbids whatever you want.

    To create a ban, simply go to the website, key in anything you want to make illegal and hit the “illegalize” button. And instantly, the item you want to make illegal will appear in bold capital letters with Trump’s signature underneath. There are also various share options for the GIF image featuring a proud Trump declaring the item you keyed in illegal. Oh, just make sure that what ever you want forbidden is under 10 characters.

    Of course, you are not exactly ‘illegalising’ the act. It’s all in the name of good fun. Be creative and have fun.