LG NeoChef microwave can make yogurt and even bake pottery

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    LG Neochef in the kitchen

    Wait a minute. Don’t you need a like a dutch oven and consistent temperature for the bacteria to magically turn milk into yogurt? And pottery? People build kilns for those kind of stuff.

    Latest microwave oven called LG NeoChef claims to be able to perform both feats and they made 2 videos to prove it.

    Apparently, acclaimed ceramic artist Daniel Les was able to bake something as delicate as glaze-on handcrafted pottery with this microwave that uses LG Smart Inverter’s uniform and controlled heating that reaches up to 1,100 watts.

    And yogurt? If it is as easy as it looks in the video, we are definitely going to have a lot more yogurt and yogurt ice cream. Although we have not tried making yogurt with LG NeoChef, we are already thinking of all sorts of flavour combinations once we get our hands on one.

    The LG Neochef microwave really has LG’s Smart Inverter technology to thank for all its abilities. The technology allows the humble microwave, a common tool in every kitchen, to prepare a wider variety of dishes with better results, and evenly cook or defrost food all the way through. If you are really pressed for time, NeoChef’s maximum power output of 1,100-watt is able to cook dishes more quickly than conventional microwaves while preserving nutrients and locking in the flavours of the ingredients.

    Design-wise, the LG NeoChef looks elegant and sleek with its clean lines and tempered glass door. Inside its glossy surface, instead of a circular turntable we are familiar with, sits a hexagonal turntable that comes with 6 points of support. According to LG, this improved stability helps solve the issue of possible spillage when the food being cooked is not positioned in the centre. The insides are coated with an unique anti-bacterial coating that makes cleaning easier and faster as well.

    LG Neochef - frontview

    “With a minimalist design that appeals to consumers of all stripes, LG’s striking new microwave oven represents the company’s dedication to creating appliances that can add both functionality and class to any kitchen,” said Jay Yang, Home Appliances Product Director, LG Electronics Singapore.

    LG NeoChef Pricing and availability

    The NeoChef microwave ovens come in three models: 25-litre solo unit (S$299); 25-litre grill unit (S$399); and 39-litre convection unit (S$969). You can get it at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman and LG authorised retailers.

    For more information, please visit http://www.lg.com/sg/microwave-ovens.