How long can Oppo R5 hold on to its thinnest smartphone title?

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    Oppo R5

    At 4.85mm thick, Oppo R5 is currently the thinnest phone in the world. How thin? It is as thin as a USB port, a earphone jack or 2 Fisherman’s Friend mints stacked together. You get the idea.

    But being obsessed with being the world’s thinnest smartphone, even temporary, comes with trade-offs. We take a closer look at whether being supermodel thin is worth the while.


    It’s gorgeous alright, I’ll give Oppo that. Being a third the height of most phones does turn some heads. The 5.2-inch AMOLED screen Oppo R5 feels solid and is finished with a sleek aluminium back and a metallic frame. As the phone is ridiculously thin, holding it does require a little getting used to.


    Processor and battery life

    Being this thin, the phone’s battery capacity is a major problem. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset with an octa-core Cortex-A53 processor, the battery is relatively small for a power-hungry phone. The folks at GSMArena said that the Oppo R5 will last about a day and a half if you do an hour each of calls, video playback and web browsing each day. A potential deal-breaker for smartphone addicts like me.

    So thin it doesn’t even have a earphone jack

    This is perhaps the biggest gripe I have about the Oppo R5. Most smartphones today have become a multimedia companion for movies and music, so without a earphone jack, the phone just feels incomplete. To plug in your earphones, you need to use the the mini-jack dongle which connects to a micro-USB port. You would have to carry the dongle around all the time. 

    Only 16GB storage and no expansion slots

    With only 16GB of internal memory no expansion slots, the Oppo R5 is not great for shutter bugs and audiophiles. You will constantly try to free up space by deleting stuff or downloading it somewhere else. It can get really annoying.

    However, the Oppo R5 is not without its merits. It comes with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen capable of 1080p display.  It also comes with a 13-megapixel shooter that produces decent indoor and outdoor shots. It also has a rapid charging system that is able to revive the battery life to 75% level with a 30-minute charge. Despite these advantages, it seems that going solely after the waistline have more misses than hits.


    Head of Global Marketing, Oliver Sha from Chinese smartphone maker Gionee, initially the maker of the world’s thinnest smartphone before the Oppo R5, has this to say, “The race to make the slimmest smartphone was getting out of hand. Going so slim is actually not benefiting user experience without the performance to back it up”. Set to unveil their new smartphone Elife S7 at Mobile World Congress 2015, we can’t wait to see how the race for the slimmest will pan out this year.

    The Oppo R5 is going for S$669. Check out local telcos like SingTelM1 and Starhub for more details.

    Check out the Oppo R5 smashing an apple and a watermelon: