What we love about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge

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    Shortly after Apple’s unveiled its “phablet-class” smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus, the “king of phablet” Samsung fights back with an exciting lineup of large-screen smartphones and a host of accessories. Introducing two new smartphones to join its flagship Galaxy Note series, the GALAXY Note 4 and GALAXY Note Edge, the Korean conglomerate also showcased the Samsung Gear S smartwatch and a virtual reality headset at the recent World Tour event held in Singapore. We look at some interesting features on these new smartphones from the originator of the phablet.

    Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+


    Screen size

    Similar to its predecessor, the GALAXY Note 4 comes with a 5.7” screen which Samsung says is an optimum size for large screen smartphones. The Quad HD Super AMOLED display has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and is capable of producing clearer and more vivid images.

    S Pen

    By doubling the pressure sensitivity of previous stylus, writing on the Note 4 using the new S Pen feels a lot like writing on paper. You can launch the Air Command function simply by pressing a button along the S Pen to use features such as Action Memo, Screen Write, Image Clip and a new Smart Select feature, that allows users to “collect” content from multiple webpages and share it.


    Samsung has also refined the way you multitask on the Galaxy Note. Because of the larger screen and the S PEN, you can minimise applications, drag and drop content and navigate between different tasks like calendar, website and messaging apps easily. If you are new to Note, it will take a little bit of getting used to when it comes to managing the full, split or pop up views on the Note 4.


    Not to be outdone by Apple’s new iSight camera, the GALAXY Note 4’s 16 megapixel shooter also comes with an optical image stabilizer they call Smart OIS. The front camera however is an impressive 3.7 megapixel with f1.9 aperture. We were impressed with the ease of taking wefie (wide selfie) shots with the new Note.

    Quick charge

    One of the main gripe of larger screen phones is its battery life. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 sought to solve this issue with its fast charging ability. You are able to gain 50% battery simply by charging it for 30 minutes. Great for getting some power back onto the phone while having a cuppa.


    Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+

    One of the most immediate things you will notice about the Note Edge is it’s unusual curved screen on the right hand side of the phone. Although we feel that our fat fingers are almost always going to accidentally touch the curved screen and launch some apps when holding the phone, the qimmicky Note Edge might still have some uses.


    Quick launch for most used apps

    The curved screen can be used as a dock for apps you use most frequently. Housing your favourite apps there will save you some time from sieving through pages of apps.

    Check your messages on the stealth

    You know how bosses sometimes give you the death stare when you pick your phone up to check for messages. Well, now you can check them without even shifting from your seat as the Note Edge displays your messages on its curved screen.

    Breaking news

    If you are a news junkie and need to constantly know what is going on in the world, the curved screen can be customised to display breaking news headlines and sports scores. Currently, Yahoo! seems to be the only provider to make use of the Note Edge’s additional real estate but we are sure more media companies will hop onto the bangwagon if the Note Edge takes off.

    Use it as a ruler

    Finally, if you have no use for any of the above, use the Note Edge as a 10cm ruler!

    The GALAXY Note 4 4G+ will be available at $1,088 from 11 October 2014 in Charcoal Black and Frost White at local telcos, consumer electronics stores, authorized retailers and Samsung Experience Stores. No release date yet for the GALAXY Note Edge but it is expected to go on sale later part of 2014.

    To pre-order the GALAXY Note 4 or register your interest for the Galaxy Note Edge, check out the following local telcos for more information: