Moment Case is a mobile photography game-changer

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    Moment Case on Kickstarter

    They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and that’s our smartphone camera, for the most part.

    Right now, what most of us do is to whip our our camera from our pockets, activate the camera app, tap on the screen, then tap on the screen again to take the shot. While it’s certainly nothing too difficult, it’s definitely a tad slow, and we may end up missing the shot.

    That’s where Moment comes in. These guys are popular for their high quality smartphone camera lenses, and they have recently announced the Moment Case on Kickstarter, which transforms your iPhone 6 into an ass-kicking beast of a camera.

    “By the time we reach into our pocket, access our phone, unlock it, adjust the scene, and take a picture, we’ve lost valuable time. Especially with a moving subject, by the time you tap the screen you missed the shot.”

    Moment Case on Kickstarter

    Killer features

    Shutter button

    Comes with a half-press, full-press and half-press plus touchscreen capabilities – a first for smartphone camera cases. Not merely a gimmick, this button runs electronically and is powered by a coin cell battery. It is then connected to the phone via Bluetooth LE. This enables the Moment Case to behave exactly like what you’d expect from a real camera.

    Seamlessly connect Moment lenses

    Prior to the phone case, Moment was already popular for its high-regarded smartphone glass. However, the available wide angle and telephoto lenses had to be connected via a mounting plate (both Apple and Samsung mounting plates are available).

    However, in this case, only the iPhone 6 would be free of the mounting plate. Other Apple devices and Samsung phones would still require the mounting plate to hold the lenses.

    Moment app

    The app is the perfect accompaniment for the case and lenses, and it is actually built to recognise the Moment lens that is attached, which will then enable the app to display features unique to that lens such as exposure and lighting adjustments.

    Hang it on your neck

    Not exactly a “killer” feature, but it’s notable nonetheless. Having a camera on you and leaving it in your pocket or bag won’t do your photo-taking much good.

    Our thoughts

    We love our photography, and there’s no device we use more frequently than our smartphones. We’ve been very keen on getting the Moment lenses, but something about the mounting plate just didn’t sit well with us. That may change now, with the launch of the Moment Case. It also helps that some of us have the iPhone 6.

    We’re a little concerned with the size of the bottom part of the case, and can’t be sure if we’ll be comfortable with it. That said, it’s probably necessary for 1) providing the user a good camera-like grip of the phone, and 2) housing the electronics that go into what makes the shutter button so awesome.

    We’re also a little disappointed with the fact that only the iPhone 6 users can try this new product. That said, it’s early days yet and we could see cases developed for other phone models if this proves successful.

    Visit the Moment Case Kickstarter page for details on rewards for funders. Check out the images below for more.

    Moment Case on Kickstarter

    Moment Case on Kickstarter

    Moment Case on Kickstarter

    About Moment

    Together with the newly-announced iPhone 6 Moment Case on Kickstarter, Moment provides the pained smartphone photographer with arguably the best wide angle and telephoto lenses for smartphone cameras. If you haven’t read about Moment’s smartphone camera lenses, you absolutely have to check them out here

    Suffice to say, these lenses are absolutely top notch glass, yet incredibly portable and easy to install. Furthermore, they are compatible with Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as various phone cases from each brand.