New Balance RunIQ Android Wear smartwatch is built for runners

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    If you feel that smartwatches are more suitable for runners, even though Apple Watch 2 expanded that segment to include swimmers, you may not be wrong. Not going to go against the grain, New Balance has launched its Android Wear 1.0 smartwatch called New Balance RunIQ targeted at serious runners.

    The round-faced RunIQ is designed to help different types of runners focus on their performance. Its Intel Atom processor together with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of onboard storage will power the watch to feed information like real-time heart rate, run time and intervals and pace to the runner. According to New Balance, the watch can last up to 24 hours even if you are training for super long distance marathons.

    If you have a Strava account, a social network for millions of runners, cyclists and triathletes, you can track your activities through the smartwatch and pit them against family and friends.

    “New Balance has a 110-year heritage of product development and innovation in the running category, and RunIQ represents our commitment to helping athletes achieve unparalleled fitness experiences,” said Rob DeMartini, President and CEO of New Balance. “A smartwatch for runners made by runners, RunIQ combines our expertise in running with the best engineering advances through breakthrough collaborations with some of the biggest players in the technological industry.”

    New Balance RunIQ smartwatch

    Using the MyNB app on your phone to connect to Google Play Music to download playlists into the watch will allow you to go ‘phone-free’, liberating you from the need to carry your smartphone around when running. If you have a set of Bluetooth headsets laying around, good for you. If not, New Balance and Jabra has collaborated to offer you a lightweight wireless sports headphones to go with the water resistant watch. Called PaceIQ, it is also available now at a price of US$109.99.

    RunIQ is now listed for sale on New Balance for US$299.99.