New wearable is a robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run

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    When we first heard of a new wearable robot, we were like “ooo…that sounds really cool and groundbreaking”. Until we saw what the final product was.

    Conceptualised by Japanese juice vendor Kagome and mechanical artists at Maywa Denki, this new contraption called Petit-Tomatan is a robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run. This kawaii tomato robot even comes with a timer that optimises the feeding time so that you don’t deplete the nutritional tomatoes too quickly. As the invention was meant as a publicity stunt for the Tokyo Marathon, we don’t expect to see athletes donning one of them on their backs anytime soon. After all, the robot does seem a little cumbersome for running,.

    Perhaps the next robot from the makers should help juice the tomatoes instead to prevent the runner from choking on the tomatoes during all that vigorous running.