Pokémon Go for Apple Watch goes live on the App Store

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    Pokemon GO for Apple Watch is now available on the Apple App Store

    It’s official! The Apple Watch version of Pokémon GO shown to millions at Apple’s Keynote event this year is now available on the Apple App Store. Fans of the hit mobile game can now spot Pokémon near them and spin PokéStops to collect items directly from their wrists.

    This update (1.21.2) will definitely help players or Pokémon Trainers to stare less at their phones and prevent accidents from happening to themselves and others. Other than allowing you to not miss out on a ‘catch’ opportunity, the Apple Watch version of the app also lets you track various activities by turning each play session on the watch as a Workout. For each Workout, you can easily refer to a summary screen that will display your expended calories, Buddy Pokémon ring progress for candies, nearby Pokémon as well as distances required to hatch Pokémon Eggs.

    One thing you can’t do though is to catch a Pokémon directly from your watch. You will have to dish out your phone for that.

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