Samsung NX500 packs powerful features into small camera body

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    Samsung NX500

    Samsung’s latest camera, the NX500 is a powerful beast. Its features put more costly professional DSLR models to shame. The compact NX500 comes with a 28-megapixel APS-C sensor, a best-in-class DRIMeV image processor, NX autofocus system and even shoots 4K videos. Samsung basically shrunk the bigger, more burly cousin, the high-end Samsung NX1, into a tiny body and offer you a 50% discount for it.

    The compact mirrorless camera can shoot up to 9 frames per second and has an impressive ISO range of between 100-51200, which means you will be covered for action shots and most low-light situations. Its 3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen can also be tilted upwards to easily record selfies. A ‘Mobile’ button located on the top of the camera beside the hotshoe mount allows you to quickly access the camera’s wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. An array of options are available for you to either email, backup or share the images directly on social media.

    Speaking about the capabilities of the new camera, Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore said, “We have recognized that taking a photograph has gone beyond just capturing moments for sentimentality and nostalgia – users want to share these moments instantly from wherever they are. That is why Samsung has built the NX500 in such a way that caters to everyday photographers. With its compact size, revolutionary shooting and focus speed, consumers enjoy superb image quality photos, capturing signature moments in every shot.”

    Samsung NX500 top view
    Samsung NX500 top view
    Samsung NX500 front view
    Samsung NX500 front view

    Other than shooting high resolution 28-megapixel pictures, the camera is also a capable video recorder, supporting both 4K and Ultra HD resolutions. One thing to note, the Samsung NX500 records only the centre 60% of the screen in 4K mode. Your videos will appear cropped as if you zoomed in with the lens when taking the video. So you need to keep that in mind when taking videos. The recorded video will also use a new video codec called H.264 HEVC Codec that compresses the videos to half the size without losing quality.

    The Samsung NX500 is available in black, white, and brown and is now on sale at all major electronics stores for an affordable price of S$1,159 (body only).