Selfie camera Casio EXILIM TR70 will touch up your photos and videos if you are willing to pay for it

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    It is hard to imagine consumers buying a casual compact camera these days given the advancement in camera optics on smartphones, let alone one that costs S$1,399. But Instagrammers and trigger-happy selfie shooters may disagree with that if they know the images from the compact camera will give them flawless skin and awesome skin tone. Casio’s EXILIM TR70 is aimed at doing just that. An update to the EXILIM EX-TR60 launched in the middle of 2015, the EXILIM TR70 now touches up videos you shoot as well.

    Look-wise, EX-TR70 has a slim, wedge-shape design that tapers from the lens unit toward the monitor. Flipping open the camera releases a wedge frame that is used as a grip, allowing you to capture a selfie without having your fingers getting in the way. The frame also double up as a stand for hands-free photo-taking. The 11.1-megapixel camera has a bright f/2.8 aperture and a fairly wide 21mm (35mm equivalent) wide angle lens.

    The most important feature and the key selling point of this camera is perhaps the Advanced Make-Up Mode – a Skin Brightening function that enhances skin tone and gives your complexion a certain amount of glow and radiance as well as a rosy tinge. The good news is that the Make-Up Plus Technology is now available for videos too. According to Casio, the technology is able to reproduce the smoothness of skin without any loss of skin tone gradation while capturing details down to each eyelash and hair. The EX-TR70 is also fitted with a large 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor that enhances image quality in dim lighting.

    Another enhancement is the addition of a Instant Movie button that allows you to record a series of short clips before stitching it together for a longer video. Users simply have to hold down the Instant Movie button to start recording and release it to stop. Pressing the button again will automatically add another clip to the storage. Once you are done, EX-TR70 will piece together these snippets to publish a complete video. If you are familiar with Instagram videos and Snapchat story, the end result is similar but prettier with the make-up effects on. This feature is great for users who have no intention of editing the footage further but prefer to share them immediately onto their social networks.

    Casio EXILIM TR70 colours
    Casio EXILIM TR70 is available in Gold, White and Pink

    Casio EXILIM TR70 is obviously targeted at women given its focus on skin beautification (save for some very metro-sexual guys). Casio say that the camera is “for women trying to express the ideal of beautiful skin, the new EX-TR70 not only makes their skin appear brighter, but also includes effects for making skin look more naturally beautiful, with the healthy complexion that women long to have”.

    The camera is available in Gold, White and Pink at all authorised Casio retailers in Singapore.