Should you sign up for Singtel Music’s data-free plans for Spotify, KKBOX and AMPed?

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Data Free music with Singtel Music

Singtel recently launched Singtel Music, the first service in Singapore offering users music from popular providers like Spotify, KKBOX, AMPed and MeRadio, with zero local data charges. So, should you subscribe to it?

First of all, if you are not a Singtel customers, this new service is not for you as it is only opened to Singtel postpaid customers. If you are, you now have the option to add Singtel Music to your mobile plan for a subscription fee to get a premium account from either Spotify, KKBOX, or AMPed. You will then be able to unlimited music streaming from your selected music provider without eating into your mobile plan’s monthly data allowance. Similarly, they can tune into 13 MeRadio stations without impacting data usage.

“Many of our customers are big music fans, but they hold back from listening to music on their smartphones for fear of busting their data allowance. With Singtel Music, they can now enjoy music on their phones without spending anything on data.” said Ms Diana Chen, Vice President of Mobile Marketing at Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

She added, “We’ve teamed up with some of the most coveted music providers and Samsung, our device companion, to give customers the ultimate music experience: freedom of choice, peace of mind at super values!”

Singtel Music details:

  • Unlimited data-free music streaming and downloading, and ad-free listening from either a Spotify, KKBOX or AMPed premium music account, with 13 of Singapore’s most popular radio stations via MeRadio
  • Invitations to exclusive events including music showcases and artistes’ meet and greets
  • Option of S$7.90/month with a 12-month contract or S$9.90/month with no contract

“As Singapore’s most popular music streaming service, with one in three Singaporeans hooked up to Spotify, we’re very excited to be a part of the Singtel Music experience,” said Ms Sunita Kaur, Managing Director, Spotify Asia. “Spotify offers an unrivalled personalised music experience and we continue to break new ground with best-in-class features including Discover Weekly, your very own soundtrack delivered every week, alongside the best playlists, the latest charts and brand new releases.”

Get a discounted subscription with free data

What GrateNews thinks:

We think this is a fantastic partnership between Singtel and popular music streaming services like Spotify and KKBOX. For music lovers like us, being able to listen to all the music tracks on Spotify without ads interrupting the experience is a big plus. You will also be able to skip songs to your heart’s content and listen to songs offline with the features that come with the Spotify premium plan. Furthermore, Singtel shaved off more than $2 per month to offer the service at $7.90 instead of $9.99 if you were to subscribe to Spotify directly. The only caveat is you need to be a Singtel postpaid customer.

Customers can sign up for Singtel Music online or via any Singtel Shop. All they need to do is create a Spotify, KKBOX or AMPed account with Singtel Music to enjoy data-free music.

Samsung is appointed as the official device companion for Singtel Music and users of the service can look forward to exclusive music events and experiences planned by the Korean company.

For more information, go to Singtel Music.