Meet your new yoga teacher — SmartMat

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    Yoga teachers now have something to worry about. No, it is not the arrival of a new guru or a new form of yoga; the competition comes from the mat itself.

    SmartMat, a responsive yoga mat is able to detect and adjust your posture to make sure you get the most out of your practice. The mat is built with high-tech responsive sensors that can link to your smartphone or digital tablet through an accompanying app. The app is able to guide you through your yoga sessions through a series of real-time audio and visual prompts.

    Confident about your yoga poses? SmartMat comes with a ‘Zen’ mode that turns off the guidance but still records your session for analysis later on.

    Now you must be thinking that this mat is going to be an inch thick and weighs a ton. You couldn’t be more wrong. What we love about the mat is that it looks just like any regular yoga mat that can be rolled up and slung over the shoulders.

    Having blown through its crowdfunding target of $110,000 in 22 hours on Indiegogo, the intelligent SmartMat doesn’t come cheap. It will retail at US$447 when it is officially made available but the kind folks at Smart Mat are throwing in a pre-order discount of US$120. Yoga enthusiasts can order it here.

    SmartMat features:

    SmartMat features