Spacious app tells you if the house you’re about to buy might be haunted

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    No ones wants to wind up in a haunted home — at least not unknowingly. But unless the prospective homebuyer or tenant has some insider information about the house they are interested in, they would have no idea if a fatal crime or unnatural death had taken place in the house.

    ‘Spacious’, a property listing app developed in Hong Kong came up with a brilliant feature that allows the user to find out whether there was an unfortunate death in a particular property using augmented reality.

    All the user has to do is to point her phone camera at a property and a ghost icon will pop up on the Spacious app to indicate that an unnatural death had taken place in a particular property as well as the causes of it.

    spacious app with ghost icon
    Users can zoom into the ‘haunted’ spots to see the specific properties indicated with a ghost icon

    According to a report by Reuters, not everyone automatically rejects the idea of buying an inauspicious property.  After all, the existence of spirits or ghosts may be regarded as a superstition  In fact, some homebuyers or tenants view the unfortunate past of a property as a good bargaining chip to ask the owner for a discount.

    spacious app with death indicator
    The app also indicates the cause of death

    The company that developed the Spacious app is also known as Spacious. They also run an online platform for property buyers and tenants to look for their ideal home in Hong Kong. The company prides itself on the ability to differentiate themselves by combining a “superior user experience with powerful analytical tools and relevant content to make the property buying, renting or selling process easier than ever”.

    For now, Spacious is only designed for Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo. Hopefully Spacious will roll out the app to other Asia cities soon. We are pretty sure the app will take off in places like Singapore and Malaysia.

    You can download the Spacious app for free on the App Store or Google Playstore.



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