The coolest smartwatches in 2015 so far

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    While Apple is busy preparing for the launch of its Apple Watch, brands like Sony, Garmin and Alcatel are trying to win over the hearts of tech aficionados with their version of smart watches at CES 2015. Here’s a look at the smartwatches that have been unveiled so far:

    Withings Activité Pop

    Activité Pop runs on standard watch batteries

    Similar to the Cogito POP watch series that debuted in CES last year, the Withings’ Activité Pop is a watch first and a smart watch second. The Pop is essentially an analog watch, with the exception of a secondary hand that tracks your fitness activity throughout the day. Running on standard watch batteries, the Pop will last up to 8 months.  Activité Pop monitors your sleep, runs, and swim and displays the information through an accompanying mobile phone app.

    Sony SmartWatch 3

    Isn’t the stainless steel strap gorgeous?

    The Sony SmartWatch 3 is built with the same specs and features as its predecessor, a 1.6-inch square 320×320 display, IP68 water-resistance rating, built-in GPS and standard microUSB port charging. Why bother you say? Well, the SmartWatch 3 is a sleeker stainless steel version of its predecessor. To make it more personal (and fashionable), the watch face can be popped out of the band and snapped onto other Sony SmartWatch 3 straps too.



    L-R: Epix, Vivoactive and Fenix 3

    Garmin , the company known for producing GPS devices is releasing not one, but 3 wildly different smart watches, Fenix 3, Epix and Vivoactive. What’s the difference? The Fenix 3 is built for athletes and comes with sensors for gathering data during runs, cycling and swimming. The Epix, on the other hand is perfect for trekkers. It is basically a GPS on your wrist and comes with a built-in world basemap with topographic details great for aspiring Christopher Columbus. Of the thress, Vivoactive is probably what you expect of a smart watch these days. It tracks your daily activities and various sports and is the most affordable of the lot at US$250.


    Alcatel OneTouch WATCH

    CES 2015: Alcatel
    Alcatel OneTouch WATCH works with iOS and Android

    The biggest selling point for this watch is probably the price. It will retail for US$149 (that’s a whopping US$200 cheaper than the Apple Watch). Not only is it cheaper, it is also compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Like all smartwatches, the OneTouch WATCH pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and has activity tracking features.