The new iPod Touch may be the best yet

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    iPod Touch 2015

    If you don’t know me, you would probably mistake me for an fanboy. From Macbook to iPad, I have bought and used them all. And when I realised that I also own previous generations of the Shuffle, iPod and , I know I am in denial. No prizes for guessing what phone I am using now.

    Rapid advancement in software and hardware is making the product life span shorter, rendering your once shinny new toy less desirable in just months. Take my 2nd generation iPod Touch for example. It runs on the now archaic iOS 4, has only 8GB storage and no camera. Even though it has Wi-Fi capabilities, I can’t use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger for calls as these apps aren’t supported by the operating system anymore. If only I could ‘upgrade’ the software and hardware, I wouldn’t be left with just a touch screen player that I don’t even bother to bring out anymore.

    For a product that propelled Apple from zero to hero, the iPod has been in the backseat of innovation for the last few years, unlike its more successful cousin, the iPhone.

    Well, the Cupertino team is finally giving the iPod some much needed love, refreshing the entire iPod line and giving the iPod Touch a major overhaul. You can now get the latest iPod Touch, iPod Nano and Shuffle in 5 new colours – Space Grey, Gold, Silver, Pink and Blue. While the iPod Nano and Shuffle merely got a cosmetic upgrade, the iPod Touch is now a powerful iPhone 6 without a SIM-card.


    The new iPod Touch has an A8 chip, an 8-megapixel iSight camera and 1GB of RAM. Apple is also throwing in the M8 co-processor, turning it into a full-fledged fitness tracking device. The only thing that remains the same is its 4-inch, 1136 × 640 retina screen. The new iPod Touch starts at S$272 (US$199) for the 16GB model and all the way up to S$545 (US$399) for the 128GB model.

    “iPod touch gives customers around the world access to Apple Music, the App Store and iOS, the world’s most advanced operating system, starting at just $199,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of iPhone, iPod and iOS Product Marketing. “With big advancements like the A8 chip and the 8 megapixel iSight camera, customers can experience next-level gameplay, take even more beautiful photos and enjoy their favourite music, TV shows and movies.”

    With the new upgrades, the iPod Touch has renewed its importance in Apple’s portfolio of products. The A8 chip and M8 co-processor have now ‘future-proofed’ the humble music device to hum along with the incoming iOS 9 and provide enough power to run apps and games of today. Well, at least for the next couple of years.

    For me, the new iPod Touch is a godsend for my kid. I can now call her anytime I want without a mobile plan!