The Remix Mini Android PC can be yours for just US$20

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    Looking for an inexpensive PC for simple tasks like reading documents, word processing, surfing the web, and checking your email? The Remix Mini may be your answer. With its super low price point and minimalist form factor, this  project is taking the tech world by storm.

    At the time of writing, the Remix Mini has raised over US$500,000 — 10 times more than its target of US$50,000, with 40 days remaining before the project is funded.

    At the core of the Remix Mini is a custom engineered version of Lollipop – Remix OS. Combining the productivity features in its OS with over 1.5 million Android apps, Remix OS aims to provide a PC that’s both functional and easy to use. Jide Tech, the folks behind this, claims that it’s the world’s first true Android PC, which takes full advantage of intuitive PC features such as a taskbar, multiple window multi-tasking, and mouse and keyboard support.

    Let’s take a look at some of the features that stood out for us.

    Notable features

    Size matters

    Remix Mini - the world's first true Android PC

    In this case, the smaller the better. Measuring just 124.27mm by 88.20mm, with a thickness of only 26.00mm, the Remix Mini is even smaller than an Apple TV console.

    Capacitive touch power button

    No more fiddling with awkward on/off switches behind the device
    No more fiddling with awkward on/off switches behind the device

    The touch power button lies right on top of the device, which makes it super easy to activate.

    Stay connected

    Despite its small size, the Remix Mini does not compromise, or limit (e.g. the new Apple Macbook) the number of connection ports it offers. In fact, users can find a host of standard connections good enough to help you stay connected and get things done — ethernet, wifi, Bluetooth and USB.

    Stay connected with a host of standard options

    Energy efficient

    Leveraging on existing power efficiencies found in mobile CPU architectures, Remix Mini is able to save users a lot more power than in normal PCs — without sacrificing its performance. Here is a comparison provided by Jibe Tech.

    Remix Mini is energy efficient

    Final thoughts

    This device definitely offers the greatest bang for your buck — although we’re obviously not sure of its real world performance. Still, at a price point this low, there’s really no harm in giving it a try.

    Scroll down for more details on the Remix Mini’s technical specifications.

    Tech specs for the Remix Mini