With Snapchat Spectacles, fans can now shoot on-the-go

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    If you are a Snapchat fan in Singapore yearning for a pair of the latest Snapchat Spectacles, tough luck. For now, Snapchat or now formerly known as Snap, is only selling these glasses through their minion-looking vending machines called “Snapbots”. That means to say, you won’t be able to buy the glasses in stores, or even online. And like the Snaps, these machines’ locations will change every 24 hours, “disappearing” from their current locations.

    Cool? Unfortunately for local fans, Spectacles will only be available in the U.S. locations and if you happened to be on Venice Beach. To check for the updated locations of the Snapbot vending machines, you can visit Snap’s website. Other than being just a glasses dispensing machines, the yellow booths also allow you to try on colours to see how they fit before purchase.

    Here’s how the Snapbot booths work:

    From the company’s website, the recorded videos look very cool, allowing you to rotate the videos horizontally or vertically, thanks to the wide angle glasses. The glasses record 10 seconds of video at a time and then transfer the recording to your phone.

    If you are lucky to have friends in those Snapbot locations to get one of these, the glasses are going for S$184 (USD129.99). In its bid to raise engagement on its popular social network Snapchat, Snap seems to have found the sweet spot for pricing the glasses, and a use for it, as compared to the discontinued Google Glasses.

    Snapchat Spectacles and its casing that charges

    How the recorded video looks like