What you can expect from Apple’s 9 September 2015 event

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    Apple's 9 September 2015 event

    The folks from Cupertino have had a major September event annually in the last five years, and recently — the last two to be exact — Tim Cook and co. have used this period to announce the company’s latest iPhone model.

    There’s little doubt regarding the phone’s announcement, but what else can we expect in Apple’s 9 September event? Let’s go through the rumours (which have proven to be pretty accurate since Cook took over as CEO) one by one and see what else you need to know before the event early tomorrow morning (0100hr SGT).

    iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

    iPhone 6S is rumoured to come in a new colour -- rose gold

    Both the unveiling of the phone and its name should be pretty accurate, if recent history is anything to go by. Rumours and leaked prototypes have it that the phones will come in a new colour — rose gold — and be thicker and slightly larger than their “6” series counterparts. We could probably expect Apple to be using better materials to beef up the phone casing after the “Bendgate” uproar last year.

    Force Touch

    Force Touch on the new iPhone 6S

    Expect Apple to focus much of the keynote on this new pressure sensitive feature. Admittedly, it’s pretty awesome. We got to try the functions on the Apple Watch and it’s been a joy to use so far. We’re looking forward to see what creative ideas Apple and third party developers have in using this feature.

    For now, what we’re guessing is that Force Touch will be used to bring up new menus in iOS 9, and it could possibly be used like how one would use a pressure sensitive stylus.

    Games would definitely benefit as well from Force Touch to add a whole new set of controls to the iOS gaming experience.

    Improved camera

    iPhone 6S will see a huge camera upgrade

    This year’s iPhone camera improvements are particularly exciting, with rumours saying that the rear camera will now be 12-megapixels — an upgrade from 8-megapixels of the last four models — and it will also have the ability to shoot videos in 4K.

    Selfie lovers can also rejoice, with the front camera said to be upgraded to a 5-megapixel sensor, with an accompanying flash. It’s been around on other smartphones for some time now, so it’s really about time Apple included this.

    Specs upgrade

    This is pretty standard fare for every new phone model, but this time we’re finally getting 2GB of RAM in our iPhones. Other improvements include a better and faster processor.

    Apple TV

    Will we finally see a new Apple TV?

    This has probably been the worst kept secret in Cupertino for some time now, but are we finally going to see the first new Apple TV in three years?  We probably will, and we’re absolutely looking forward to an expanded range of capabilities from Apple’s new TV set-top box.

    App Store

    Apple may very well be introducing an App Store for their new TV set. Expect there to be a wealth of content such as games and streaming services, which will make the Apple TV a far more attractive proposition that what it is today. As TV apps are still pretty new to most people, we’ll be keeping a close eye on what we can expect from a TV App Store.

    New remote control

    On the surface, this sounds pretty dull, but with the Apple TV rumoured to be incorporating Siri functionality, the new remote control becomes critical in activating a user’s search commands through the virtual assistant in the remote.

    The new remote is also supposedly coming with a touchpad to make navigating around Apple TV’s menus a lot more bearable. The remote control right now only allows users to scroll through everything via physical buttons.

    iPad Pro

    Apple's rumoured iPad Pro will have a screen larger than that of a 13" MacBook (photo: MacRumors)

    This rumoured behemoth of an iPad — supposedly coming with a 12.9″ display — is something like Apple’s version of the Surface Pro (oh forgive us Apple Gods for saying something as blasphemous as that) — with 9to5Mac reporting that Apple is developing a keyboard to complement it.


    Despite Steve Jobs’ disdain for the humble stylus, it is said that a separately-sold stylus will be available upon the launch of the iPad Pro. Or perhaps it will be part of the iPad Pro package, who knows?

    The stylus, together with the iPad Pro’s large screen, will appeal loads to creative types. It should also be expected to come with the aforementioned Force Touch technology.


    Back in June at WWDC, Apple introduced multitasking in iOS 9. This will wholly complement the idea of having a large tablet, with multitasking definitely one of the most important features in allowing the iPad to effectively act as a professional tool for work and productivity. And why have a screen that big without the ability to multitask?

    iPad Air and iPad Mini

    iPad Air and iPad Mini

    Nothing much has been mentioned about an iPad Air 3, but we should be expecting a new iPad Mini 4, with a form factor close to its larger sibling, the iPad Air 2.

    The Apple 9 September 2015 event will begin at 0100hr Singapore time.

    The Apple event can be streamed on any iOS device at apple.com/live. The video stream can only be played on Safari mobile browsers. Likewise for desktop streaming — it only works on the Safari browser. Second or third generation Apple TV owners with software 6.2 or later are also able to stream the event live.