WhatsApp voice calling finally arrives on iPhone

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    WhatsApp’s latest update on the Apple appstore brings its voice calling service to millions of iPhone users. The Facebook-owned company is however rolling it out in phases ‘over the next several weeks’ according to its message on the appstore. This could explain why some of our iPhone buddies are still not feeling the love from the world’s most popular messaging app.

    All voice calls through WhatsApp can be made over Wi-Fi or via your mobile data instead of the usual call minutes that comes with your mobile subscription. The new voice calling feature means that both Android and iOS users can now yak on non-stop for both local and international calls without extra charge. The days for IDD calls are numbered. As mentioned in our previous post on WhatsApp, this feature will make WhatsApp an even more powerful company, putting Singapore telcos or any telco for that matter, on the defensive.

    We liked that the latest iOS update also adds a “quick camera” button, making it easier to share photos and videos on WhatsApp. Tapping on the camera button allows you to snap a new picture, while holding it will record a video. You can also crop and rotate images after or select it from your camera roll before sending it out.

    WhatsApp voice calling feature on iOS
    ‘Quick camera’ button and basic photo editing tools

    A similar update for Android users with the voice calling feature was rolled out last month. WhatsApp also introduced a web-based version of the messaging service that works on Google Chrome browser earlier this year.