WhatsApp Web finally supports iOS

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    Hallelujah! Web has finally arrived for iOS users — eight long months after making its debut for users of all other platforms.

    Still only available on the Chrome browser, WhatsApp Web’s iOS compatibility now makes the service available on all major mobile platforms, which includes , Windows and Blackberry. When the service first launched, WhatsApp said that it could not include iOS in its web client due to “ platform limitations”.

    Whatever that may have been, it has taken eight months to solve — and iOS users will surely be jumping in their seats. Now all your friends can chat on WhatsApp all day long at work. Ssssshhh!

    To access WhatsApp Web, just head on down to web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR code via the option under the “Settings” tab in your WhatsApp application. And voilà, your account will be paired immediately and you can start flooding your friends with messages while at work without looking like you’re on the phone so often.

    WhatsApp Web welcome screen