World’s smallest Wishbone thermometer can measure your temperature without even touching you

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    Wishbone thermometer attached to a smartphone

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $200,000, patent-pending Wishbone thermometer is now available for shipping worldwide.

    Wishbone is a non-contact thermometer that pairs with your smartphones to measure and track temperatures. Non-contact you say? Yup, this thermometer can accurately read the temperature of an object, body and ambient temperatures in under 2 seconds without even touching anything. According to Joywing Tech, the maker of Wishbone, it is also the world’s smallest thermometer that gives out an accurate temperature with a small variance of 0.2°C when measuring body temperature and 1°C when measuring an object.

    We think that this device is a godsend for parents, who often had to wrestle with babies and toddlers in order to take their temperature when they are running a fever. If you have ever tried to insert a thermometer into a wailing baby, you will know what we mean. With Wishbone, parents don’t even have to touch them to get a reading. It’s no surprise that the gadget is created by a dad who just wanted a more efficient way to measure babies’ temperature.

    Wishbone thermometer measuring the temperature of a milk bottle

    Wishbone is a Y-shape device with a 45 degree angle that is designed to plug into an Android smartphone or an iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack. Once plugged in, Wishbone can be used to detect body and surface temperatures with its infrared sensor. It does not emit any radiation or sound and can even measure ambient temperature by simply pointing it toward the sky or ceiling. It comes with a Wishbone app that is downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.

    To start using Wishbone, simply point the sensor branch (the other branch houses the lithium batteries that powers the device) of the Wishbone 3 -5 cm away from the child’s forehead. It takes roughly 2 seconds to sense a temperature before sending that information to the Wishbone app.

    The Wishbone app also stores previous readings, which can be referenced to at a later time. This feature is particularly handy for parents who are monitoring their baby’s fever condition several times in a day. The Wishbone is not just useful for parents. For couples using the basal body temperature method to determine ovulation period, Wishbone’s accurate measurement can help track and record the fluctuations in female body temperature as well. You can create individual profiles to separately track each person’s data if you are sharing the device with your family.

    Wishbone Thermometer, S$79, is now available at ante at TANGS @ Tangs Plaza and ante at #01-457A Suntec City.

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