Would you check in to this creepy robot-run hotel in Japan?

    Image source: Engadget

    just added another accolade to seal its reputation as the land of weird and wonderful. It opened the world’s first robot-staffed hotel, Henn na Hotel.

    According to owner Hideo Sawada, the reason for staffing the hotel with robots was to save on costs — and not a gimmick to attract tourists. At 9,000 yen or S$100 a night, it is indeed cheaper to stay at Henn na, located at Sasebo, Nagasaki, compared to most other hotels in the area.

    Some of the ‘staff’ at Henn na Hotel include an English-speaking dinosaur-shaped receptionist robot (if that’s not ominous, we don’t know what is), a doll-faced humanoid receptionist who explains how you can check in and Nao the robot concierge.

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    Sawada has big ambitions for his robot hotel concept and wants to open another one soon in Japan, and later abroad, according to New York Post. He is also eager to add other languages, such as Chinese and Korean, to the robots’ vocabulary.

    We hear the hotel’s security are run by humans though — phew!

    One question though — how do we tip Mr Bell-bot — our tireless porter?