The cute Mi Bunny from Xiaomi is the smartwatch your kids won’t mind wearing

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    Young girl with Mi Bunny on wrist

    Smartwatches for kids is nothing new. In recent years, tech wearable manufacturers have been trying to pry open parent’s wallet by launching toddler-friendly gizmos for their princes and princesses’ wrists. From the custom-fit FiLIP to LG KizON designed for parents to keep track of their children, these smartwatches have made little headway due to their limited features and price point. Xiaomi is looking to provide the solution to that by launching Mi Bunny, a S$62 (RMB 299) smartwatch designed for kids.

    The watch doesn’t come with a LCD display like most smartwatches but uses a LED screen instead to display cute bitmap-like icons for different functions. Designed for parents to keep track of their children, the Mi Bunny has GPS capabilities that allow parents to know where their kids are. Mi Bunny is paired with a smartphone app that allows parents to see their child’s location on a map. On top of that, parents can set up “zones” and receive an alert if their kids leave this area. Don’t worry, your kid will not receive an electrical jolt, but it will notify parents if they wander too far. This also means that the Mi Bunny is targeted at younger kids and not teenagers as the latter will probably not want their parents to watch them like a hawk.

    In our opinion, the main feature of the watch, which is its ability to make and receive voice messages, makes this device an attractive proposition for parents and guardians. The watch can hold up to six contact information and kids will be able to communicate over the watch using a SIM card. According to Xiaomi, it’s 300mAh battery can lasts up to 6 days on standby.

    Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch in blue and pink

    Mi Bunny showing bitmap-like icons

    Other bells and whistles include a SOS button that lets kids broadcast their location along with an audio clip, make emergency calls and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

    The Mi Bunny is compatible with Android devices running at least Android 4.2 and iOS devices running on iOS 8 or higher. The plastic Mi Bunny with silicone strap is available in gender-friendly blue and pink.