Your camera’s shutter will fail before you can fill this Lexar 512GB card

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    Lexar 512GB CF card

    Hands up those who used to carry around multiple 1GB or 2GB compact flash memory cards (CF) for their DSLR camera. Heck, back in those days (5 years maybe), Lowepro, a popular camera bag maker even had a stylish pouch (in a geek sense) for photography enthusiasts to carry them in.

    Little did we know that these ‘memory tiles’roughly the size of an After Eight mint chocolate, have made such tremendous progress in storage capacity. Lexar, a well-known brand of flash memory products, have successfully created the mother of all CF cards, a 512GB juggernaut. This card can read up to 120MB per second and write files as fast as 75MB per second. In layman terms, it means you can shoot 25 3MB pictures in a single second. Based on memory, we can’t think any DSLR camera that has that high a frame rate.

    Which means to say, if you insert this card into a high-end professional camera like the Nikon D4s (that costs S$8,799 just for the body, by the way), you can shoot and store an unbelievable 13,800 RAW format files and a mind-blowing 347,000 basic JPEGs on the full-frame 16.2-megapixel camera! To put that into perspective, the Nikon D4s can last a total of 400,000 shutter actuations (shutter count) before the shutter fails. So this one CF card is all you’ll ever need to shoot the entire life-span of a professional grade DSLR camera. And that’s just scary!

    With more memory comes more responsibilities and this card is definitely not for the casual shooter. We wouldn’t want to run the risk a storage glitch and end up losing all 300,000 plus images. So unless you are shooting 4K videos or a lot of full HD videos, we would recommend that you stick to your current CF cards. Furthermore, these cards cost a bomb. The 512GB Lexar Professional 800x CF card is going for S$2,025 (US$1,500). But if you really have to, Amazon is having a huge sale and is selling it for only S$1,188 (US$879).