4 reasons why budget travel will be redefined in 2015

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    Krisflyer miles can now be used to redeem Scoot and Tigerair tickets

    “Budget travel” is a phrase that means different things to different people. Some believe that backpacking is the way to save on their travels, while others prefer to live their lives on the road while travelling long term.

    For us, we feel that “budget travel” should be a way to maximise one’s travel budget as much as possible, while not entirely roughing it out backpacker style. So, for example, while hostels are a great way to save on accommodation and forging friendships on the road, it may not be for everyone.

    This is why we feel that the following points will help redefine budget travel in 2015, and put it into the spotlight.

    Loyalty rewards with Scoot and Tigerair

    Seriously, who doesn’t like air miles?

    For the longest time, budget air travel came without frills, and largely without much of a frequent flyer programme as well.

    That, however, has now changed with Singapore Airlines’ two subsidiaries – Scoot and Tigerair – recently announcing that customers can use their KrisFlyer miles to redeem travel vouchers starting April 2015.

    This is fantastic news for travellers on the Star Alliance frequent flyer programme, who can now spend less miles (we hope!) taking these budget carriers instead of Singapore Airlines or other carriers under the group.



    AirBnB is perfect for those who are uncomfortable with hostels, and yet seek low-cost accommodation. The online marketplace for short-term rentals has had an increasing influence in the travel industry over the last few years, and its exponential growth has seen its listings grow more than 10 fold over the past three years.

    AirBnB has been registering phenomenal growth (Source: VentureBeat)

    Why is it so awesome? It’s much cheaper than standard hotels, and customers can very often get a place that’s far from shabby. They may also treat their hosts as invaluable resources who are familiar with what their area has to offer.

    Airline promos

    Promos are a dime a dozen these days, and it’s always possible to get a cheap ticket even if you loathe taking budget carriers.

    Carriers such as Singapore Airlines are constantly under pressure to sell seats at promotional prices amid falling profits. This has led to the inclusion of Scoot and Tigerair into the Star Alliance frequent flyer programme, as mentioned above.

    Malaysia Airlines is another to keep tabs on. They started their year with a huge promotion for very affordable tickets to various global destinations (this has since expired, but look out for their attractive deals of the day), and expect them to continue dangling carrots to potential customers as they look to bounce back following last year’s series of unfortunate events.

    Getting good (and cheap) travel recommendations is now easier than ever

    It’s easy nowadays to get travel tips and last minute deals online and over your mobile device.

    Take for example, the mobile app “HotelQuickly“. Last-minute travellers are now able to score the best deals on highly-rated hotels almost instantly. Apps and websites such as Skyscanner, Momondo, Wotif.com and Wego help users compare and find flights and accommodation that best suit their budgets.

    With the Internet, and the huge amount of travel websites and mobile apps around, it’s never too difficult to find out how to save money wherever you go.

    Bonus: Airlines seem to be tripping up big time on air fares

    Like the recent case on Singapore Airlines offering Business Class tickets at Economy Class prices or a flight from Dubai to Manila that costs only 54 cents, airlines do make mistakes and sell tickets at the wrong prices. However this truly is nothing more than something hopeful, and you really shouldn’t depend on this ever happening again.