DoTalk app translates your text and voice messages into 90 languages real-time

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    DoTalk app from Australia

    If you are having problems getting your points across to colleagues speaking another language or talking to new friends from your last holiday, don’t fret. A new app called DoTalk is making the language barrier a thing of the past.

    Conceived in Australia, DoTalk is the world’s first real-time translation chat app that can translates up to 90 languages instantly. These languages include, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and Bahasa. To make that happen, DoTalk uses six different translation APIs and speech recognition tools in order for it to rapidly translate chats into words and voice for you to send to your friend or chat group.

    The app is pretty intuitive, with design elements similar to many chat apps currently on your phone so you probably don’t need any lessons to learn how to use it. To send a message, you have the option of sending a text message or ‘hold & talk’ to send a voice message. According to DoTalk, you can also conduct group chat with up to 10 people in multiple languages in real time but we couldn’t find enough people to test that out. As with most chat apps these days, DoTalk also allows for free voice and video calls with your friends.

    “Our goal with DoTalk was to create a free, fun and easy-to-use app which provides an open forum for people to easily connect and communicate, regardless of language barriers or location and without delay,” says Australian founder, Reno Nicastro. “Whether you are travelling, booking a cab or hotel overseas, want to communicate with international relatives, someone exotic you’ve met online, as the modern-day pen pal, or you just want to learn another language – DoTalk is the tool to connect you to people regardless of where they are or what language they speak,” says the founder.

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    We feel that DoTalk has a lot of potential to succeed but the product is still in its early stages. Although DoTalk is a chat app, we find that its translation features are very useful for individuals trying to learn a new language or for travellers when they need to ask for directions or order food in restaurants when they are in a foreign country. This will certainly make the app appeal to a wider audience.

    Another suggestion will be to allow their translated messages to be forwarded to other chat apps like Whatsapp, WeChat or Facebook Messenger. In this way, we are still able to chat with friends not on DoTalk as well. But for now, the company seems to be eyeing more B2B applications for the app like conference calls, customer service, education, media and customer engagement.

    DoTalk Features

    Real time translation of 90 different languages through the app or Internet enabled device
    Instant voice translation for 50+ languages
    Voice to text dictation
    Group chat including simultaneous translation in conference
    Free voice and video calls
    Private messaging
    Send and receive files
    Search and add friends
    256 Bit encryption/MP4 file storage
    Instant sync across devices

    DoTalk is now available on Apple Appstore and Google Play Store.