Bangkok not so safe for females travelling alone: study

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    Most women would avoid picking places like New Delhi as a holiday destination due to recent reports of violent sex crimes against women in the city but did you know that places like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur can be relatively unsafe too?

    That’s according to a study by Thomson Reuters Foundation on the world’s most dangerous transport systems for women. This may come as a surprise to many Singaporeans, who are known to count Bangkok as one of their favourite shopping destinations in Asia. Other Asian cities at the top of the unsafe Asian cities ranking include New Delhi and Jakarta. On the contrary, cities like Tokyo, Beijing and Seoul were found to be the safest for women in Asia.

    In total, 6,555 women and experts were surveyed in the Thomson Reuters Foundation study in collaboration with Yougov.

    Results were based on the respondents’ answers as well as surveys of experts in women’s rights, gender equality, urban planning and gender-friendly urban spaces in each of the cities. The respondents were asked six questions relating to: how safe they felt traveling alone at night; the risk of being verbally harassed by men; the risk of being groped or subjected to other forms of physical harassment; trust that other passengers would assist a woman being physically or verbally abused; and trust in authorities to investigate reports of sexual harassment or violence.

    Cities with most unsafe transport system for women (from worst to best)

    1. Bogota, Colombia

    2. Mexico City

    3. Lima, Peru

    4. New Delhi

    5. Jakarta, Indonesia

    6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    8. Bangkok

    9. Moscow

    10. Manila, Philippines

    11. Paris

    12. Seoul, South Korea

    13. London

    14. Beijing

    15. Tokyo

    16. New York

    Ladies, you might want to think twice about travelling to the unsafe destinations on your own.