This could possibly be the world’s best travel jacket

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    The jacket you’ve always needed but never knew existed

    Travelling is sometimes a bit of a hassle, there are sometimes just so many things we’d like to take with us on board planes — neck pillows, music players and earphones, tablets, e-readers and travel documents.

    Yeah, that’s a lot of things right there. This is why BauBax has decided to take on that challenge of coming up with the world’s best travel jacket. Currently on Kickstarter, the BauBax travel jacket has been a big hit with consumers, having raised over $600,000 at the time of writing — a whopping 30 times more than its target of $20,000.

    The jacket has loads of features that includes numerous pockets (some hidden) for travel-related uses, such as one for the passport and boarding pass, one for earphones and a portable music player, a pocket for the iPad, one for your drink (you read that correctly), and even a built-in neck pillow and eye mask.

    Notable features

    Neck pillow + eye mask

    Well look at that!

    This feature is a winner in our books. Taking a neck pillow along for a trip is typically troublesome, but not when you have it attached to your jacket! BauBax claims that the neck pillow inflates in just 2 seconds, and the jacket even has an eye mask attached to its hood.

    Granted, it may not be the most comfortable neck pillow, but at least it’s super convenient.

    9 pockets for devices, passports and other small items

    Features on the BauBax travel jacket

    9 pockets is an incredible number for a single jacket, but BauBax seems to have pulled that off here. It’s also incredibly convenient to be able to keep all devices and documents you need in the jacket pockets. Sure makes going through security checks a breeze.

    We’re really interested in the real world application for this — having a jacket that holds an iPad, smartphone, portable charger, among other items, would sure weigh it down quite a bit and compromise comfort, right?

    Built-in gloves

    Built-in gloves, awesome!

    What can we say? This is probably the most handy feature on the jacket!

     Great design

    The BauBax travel jacket is available in four styles

    A great appeal of the jacket lies in its design and options; it still looks like a normal, stylish piece of clothing.

    The BauBax travel jacket’s design is pretty well thought out, and is available in four styles — sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber and blazer – different options for a variety of occasions.

    Koozie drink pocket

    Koozie Drink Pocket

    Koozies are well-known to many as the stuff used to thermally insulate a beverage bottle or can. BauBax has incorporated it into the jacket as one of the most interesting, and incredulous features. Hold your drink in your neoprene jacket pocket and prevent hot drinks from getting cold, and cold drinks from warming up.

    And all this while keeping your hands free. Way too cool.

    What temperature is most suitable for?

    BauBax travel jacket temperature

    Unfortunately, the BauBax travel jacket isn’t suitable for all temperatures, that would make it unbelievably perfect. Currently its jackets are suitable for the temperature range between 7 degrees celsius to 27 degrees celsius. That’s a pretty large range so it’s a good start. Perhaps if this proves successful, BauBax could release something for colder climates.

    What will the world’s best travel jacket comprise of, in your opinion? Will get get the BauBax travel jacket? Let us know in the comments below. The BauBax travel jacket is currently available on Kickstarter and will be funded on