14 of the most beautiful Christmas cities

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    When talking about the fancy lights that come with Christmas in Singapore, the first – and probably only – thing that comes to mind are the lights down Orchard Road. While really pretty, it just doesn’t quite nail that Christmas spirit.

    Perhaps it’s the stories we’ve read or movies we’ve seen that give us a certain perception of what Christmas looks like? You never know.

    But what we do know is that these 14 gorgeous Christmas cities from around the world help get us in the festive mood, and we just can’t get enough of it. Enjoy the imagery folks, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Moscow

    Christmas Moscow

    2. Berlin

    Christmas market Berlin: Gendarmenmarket

    3. Prague


    4. Vatican City

    Natale in Vaticano

    5. New York

    Christmas in New York

    6. Brugge

    Bruges Christmas Market

    7. Rio de Janeiro

    Inauguração da Arvore de Natal da Lagoa - 2010

    8. Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

    Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle

    9. Cologne

    Cologne Christmas Market

    10. Vienna

    Vienna - Christmas market

    11. Quebec

    Christmas in Quebec city

    12. Seoul


    13. Colmar

    colmar (france) alsazia

    14. Innsbruck


    Christmas in Innsbruck (Photo from Google Images)