The cheapest and most expensive Asia destinations for hotel stay with breakfast

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    When booking a hotel stay, one of the top few considerations is whether to book with breakfast included. For cities that you frequent, the answer is probably no. You would know where to go, what time the food places open and even pack food the night before for breakfast. Well, unless the hotel is known for providing an amazing breakfast worth paying for.

    TripIndex Breakfast, a comparison study by TripAdvisor, compares the cost of an overnight stay in selected hotels with breakfast included, versus an overnight stay at the same hotel with breakfast eaten at a local eatery, during the months of October and November in 37 key tourist cities around the world.

    The study found that an overnight stay with breakfast included in Buenos Aires will only set you back S$100.50, more than 7 times less than the price of a stay with breakfast in the most expensive hotel destination in this study, New York City which comes in at an average of S$743.05. This makes Buenos Aires the best destination in the world for an overnight stay at a 4-star hotel with breakfast.

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    Buenos Aires
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    New York City, U.S.

    And in Asia, for those travellers who don’t mind leaving the confines of the hotel in the morning, the TripIndex Breakfast study shows that for most destinations, opting for an accommodation only package and heading to a local restaurant for breakfast can save precious dollars. I can see GrateNews writers nodding harmoniously when reading this part of the report.

    In Asia, the biggest saving can be made in Kuala Lumpur, where travellers can save an average of S$37.05 by opting for a hotel package without breakfast and then dining locally, versus booking a hotel with breakfast included. Given our familiarity with this neighbouring country, we believe we can beat the average amount easily. So, it pays to go local. And besides, the food is better anyway.

    Other Asian cities like Tokyo, Dubai and Hong Kong are among the top ten most expensive destinations for an overnight stay with breakfast. Tokyo tops the list for being the second most expensive destination in the world for an overnight stay with breakfast at a whopping S$558.76 with Dubai and Hong Kong coming in at 4th (S$473.50) and 7th (S$395.32) respectively.

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    Hong Kong
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    Tokyo, Japan

    Recommended value hotels and highly rated restaurants for breakfast in the three most expensive and best value destinations:

    For travellers planning a trip to one of the three most expensive or three best value TripIndex Breakfast destinations, TripAdvisor has identified highly-rated value hotels with availability to book on TripAdvisor for October and November, as well as top-rated local restaurants for breakfast

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    River view of Manila, Philippines
    Manila, Philippines

    Here are the Top 10 cheapest and Top 10 most expensive place to book a hotel stay with breakfast according to TripIndex Breakfast (Asia cities are in bold):

    10 cheapest for overnight stay with breakfast:

    Rank Destination Hotel stay with breakfast included (per night) Hotel stay with breakfast in a local restaurant (per night) Savings made by eating breakfast locally
    1 Buenos Aires, Argentina SGD 100.50 SGD 73.09 SGD 27.41
    2 Moscow, Russia SGD 123.57 SGD 114.49 SGD 9.08
    3 San Jose, Costa Rica SGD 126.44 NA NA
    4 Warsaw, Poland SGD 127.14 SGD 114.71 SGD 12.43
    5 Dubrovnik, Croatia SGD 127.99 NA NA
    6 Istanbul, Turkey SGD 161.55 NA NA
    7 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SGD 166.54 SGD 129.49 SGD 37.05
    8 Manila, Philippines SGD 167.23 NA NA
    9 Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt SGD 169.80 NA NA
    10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil SGD 184.55 SGD 195.26 SGD -10.71

    *NA = hotel package without breakfast data not sufficient in that destination

    10 most expensive for overnight stay with breakfast:

    Rank Destination Hotel stay with breakfast included (per night) Hotel stay with breakfast in a local restaurant (per night) Savings made by eating breakfast locally
    1 New York City, USA SGD 743.05 SGD 718.87 SGD 24.18
    2 Tokyo, Japan SGD 558.76 SGD 572.01 SGD -13.25
    3 Paris, France SGD 558.31 SGD 547.03 SGD 11.28
    4 Dubai, UAE SGD 473.50 SGD 464.41 SGD 9.09
    5 London, UK SGD 465.42 SGD 464.67 SGD 0.75
    6 Toronto, Canada SGD 433.09 SGD 430.13 SGD 2.96
    7 Hong Kong SGD 395.32 SGD 434.89 SGD -39.57
    8 Amsterdam, Netherlands SGD 387.12 SGD 366.40 SGD 20.72
    9 Sydney, Australia SGD 369.87 SGD 339.71 SGD 30.16
    10 Auckland, New Zealand SGD 347.38 SGD 362.10 SGD -14.72