China scores another major theme park — Transformers Live

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    Transformer Live to open in Beijing China

    To be able to witness gigantic robots transform from vehicles to war machines has always been the fantasy of fans of the sci-fi franchise “Transformers”. That fantasy might just come true, thanks to the new “Transformers Live” attraction, a world’s first large-scale live entertainment attraction in China. So, if you are heading to China for the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, you may now have to plan an additional meet up with Optimus Prime and his band of Autobots.

    News of “Transformers Live” was announced at a press conference in Beijing recently. Details are a little sketchy but entertainment website Variety reported that the new attraction will be housed in a brand new 4,500 seat theatre and will most likely be built in Beijing. But Hasbro and China-U.S.-based movie studio, DMG Entertainment said that they are also considering other cities in China as well for the live-action show.

    “Transformers Live will be a cross between an action-adventure spectacle, a theme park attraction and a theatrical show,” said S2BN’s Michael Cohl as quoted by Variety.

    “Fans will experience intense action, beautiful visual moments, an emotionally engaging story, lots of humour and rousing music. The show will offer a fusion of proprietary technologies including robotics and advanced projection capabilities along with amazing aerial and acrobatic sequences,” he added.

    The “Transformers” concept was launched in 1984 and had spawned a series of comic books, toys and movies directed by Michael Bay. We know of at least one GrateNews team member who has the figurines of Optimus Prime, Megatron’s gun and Hot Rod stashed away in a box at home. “Transformers” is without a doubt very popular in China and the movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction” directed by Michael Bay which was partially shot in China had grossed over USD$300 million at the Chinese box office in 2014.

    If “Transformers Live” happens in 2016, it will be the second major location-based attraction to open in mainland China this year and will go head to head with Shanghai Disneyland that is slated to open its gates this June.