Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido turns your holiday into a winter wonderland

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    Snowy slopes of Tomamu Mountains

    For a travel destination as picturesque as Hokkaido, travelling there once or twice is simply not enough. If you have been following our travel section, you would know that Hokkaido is a place we cover most extensively (click here for our Hokkaido features). Even though we have been there a couple of times, one activity we have been dying to try out is skiing.

    With the launch of Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido, its second all-inclusive holiday resort on Japan’s second largest island, the thought of making another trip there to experience the powdery snow-capped slopes of Hokkaido is definitely swimming in our heads. The new resort is roughly 90 minutes away from New Chitose Airport and an express coach will send you straight there.

    Snowy slopes of Tomamu Mountains
    Snowy slopes of Tomamu Mountains

    Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido features a total of 29 ski courses that span a total length of 21.5 kilometres as well as 4 ski trail ratings suitable for all levels of skiiers. The resort provides ski services like pre-arrival equipment rental, ski in and out access, as well as all-inclusive ski and snowboard lessons for guests aged 4 and above with professional ski instructors. This certainly makes things a lot easier for families and first-timers like us who have no idea what to prepare for a ski trip.

    If you are wondering if the resort is only suitable for holidayers with just skiing in their itinerary, you couldn’t be more wrong. Club Med has a slew of activities that will certainly drain all your adrenaline and then some. Activities like mountain biking adventure in the snow, snow trekking and snow sledging will certainly provide a lot of instagrammable opportunities to make the trip one to remember. If you like, you can also pay a visit to a nearby ice village where you can ice skate to a ice hotel and have a drink at Bar Icewood. For family with kids, Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido also offers a suite of kid-friendly activities and exclusive ski slopes for suitable for beginner and intermediate levels.

    Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido - resort room

    For now, we can only imagine how it feels to kick back and enjoy the amazing landscape from the comfort of Club Med’s room after a full day of outdoor adventure and activities.

    For more details on the resort, pricing information and promotions, visit Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido.