Danish travel agency returns with another cheeky procreation video

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    Danish travel agency Spies Travel has done it again. Following the viral success of their “Do it for Denmark” procreation stunt, the travel agency has now released a brand new “Do it for Mom!” video, while championing a similar cause — encouraging Danes to have more sex on a tropical holiday to help boost the country’s falling birth rate.

    The tongue-in-cheek campaign is aimed at getting older parents to help their adult children procreate by contributing to their their vacations. This will then also increase their chances of experiencing grandparenthood.

    The hilarious video dishes out some facts and statistics to support their claims, such as the fact that Denmark’s birth rates aren’t really improving, resulting in many older parents not getting to experience being a grandparent, It also adds that Danes are 51 per cent more likely to have more sex while on a sunny vacation.

    So voilà! It turns out it really isn’t rocket science — just give the adult children a tropical vacation and it will go a long way to help solve the problem.

    The Danish travel agency also introduces a “Spie’s Parent Purchase”, which gives older parents a chance to pay for their child’s holiday in exchange for a grandchild nine months later (not guaranteed, of course). Because helping in other ways can be a little awkward…

    There aren't many non-awkward ways to help your children procreate.
    There aren’t many non-awkward ways to help your children procreate.

    The video concludes with the mother sending her son off on a holiday, where he meets another girl.

    So “Do it for Denmark. Do it for Mom”. We hope the Singapore government is watching — they can sure take a lesson or two out of these campaigns.

    Watch the Danish travel agency’s first video here.