Fiji Airways to fly direct to Singapore, starting 2016

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    Fiji Airways comes to Singapore (photo: Google Images)

    Famous for bottled water and Vijay Singh, Fiji, the exotic paradise located in the South Pacific Ocean will soon be easily accessible to Singaporeans through Fiji Airways.

    Fiji is currently accessible from Singapore via a transit in Australia, which will take close to 13 hours. Starting from the first half of 2016, Singaporeans can enjoy greater accessibility to Fiji which is located a third of the way between New Zealand and Hawaii.

    Sunset in Fiji (photo: Alex Kehr on Flickr)

    Fiji Airways hopes to begin the flight route here before the Singapore Rugby Sevens on 16 and 17 April 2016.

    Made up of almost 900 islands, including two main ones — Viti Levu and Vanua Levu — Fiji offers visitors pristine blue waters, immaculate beaches and tropical rainforests. As you can imagine, Fiji is a pretty good place to visit if you value privacy on holidays.

    Fiji (photo: Google Images)

    Not just for the wealthy

    You’d expect such trips to take a chunk out of your wallet, but that’s not necessarily the case. With proper research and advanced planning, travellers can get hotel and resort accommodations for a reasonable price, with views that are just as good as those at more expensive hotels. A quick search on sites such as Airbnb and Agoda should yield the necessary information. In fact, Fiji is known to be one of the best budget holiday destinations in the South Pacific.

    As you can probably tell, we’re pretty excited over the direct flights from Singapore to Fiji, and we’ll probably include the destination into our 2016 travel plans. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews from us!