‘Am I Going Down?’ app tells you when your flight would crash

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    Am I Going Down?

    Despite the recent number of air crashes, air travel is said to be the safest form of transport. But exactly how safe, you ask? An new app called ‘Am I Going Down?’ is exactly designed to answer that.

    Developed by Nic Johns of London-based company Vanilla Pixel, the app uses real flight statistics to calculate the probability of a flight crash. According to CNN, 10 million routes have been assessed using data from sources such as the Geneva-based Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives.

    To use the app, simply type in your flight details and click ‘Am I Going Down’. You will then get an analysis stating one out of the number of chances your flight will suffer a crash.

    Chances are, the likelihood of your plane going down is very low. After all, the app is designed to allay fears of flying.

    Interestingly, the app also calculates when your flight would actually crash. For instance, if you flew from San Francisco to London every single day, you wouldn’t expect to crash for another 7,627 years. Sounds pretty far away to us.

    In view of the recent flight crashes such as Airasia QZ8501, the app’s launch seem to have come at an awkward time. The developer shares that same sentiment, saying that the timing was “an unfortunate coincidence”.

    Am I Going Down? is available in the iTunes app store for S$1.28.




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