Are there dates that are especially good or bad for travelling?

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    how to choose good travel dates

    More people are travelling to see the world than ever before. With tourism industry becoming increasingly accessible and affordable, travelling, especially for Singaporeans, is fast becoming a yearly activity. For some others, travelling more than once a year is already the norm.

    We like to plan for holiday overseas early. Planning early can help lock-in the various discounts from airlines and secure your preferred travel dates. But can something like flight delays be avoided? Apparently yes, according to Feng Shui expert Dato Joey Yap. Although we are not fully convinced that we we need to screen for ‘lucky dates’, but if we could select the best dates to travel, why not keep an open mind?

    Understanding Date Selection

    Date selection is a practice that spreads across many cultures. In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, Date Selection dates back to three millenniums ago.

    Today, choosing a date is much easier. There are apps like the iProTongShu (iTunes) and desktop calendars like the Joey Yap Tong Shu that marks out these ‘auspicious dates’ conveniently in red.

    The concept behind Date Selection is simple; Time, space, event, and matter are all energy forms that by utilising a space at the right moment initiates the right energy called Qi that helps promote better harmony and a good culture among people that are in that specific location.

    Now, let’s learn how to see and plan ahead for your travels.

    The 12 Day Officers Method

    The 12-Day Officers Method is an entry level for Date Selection techniques. It is essential for separating generic usable dates from the good usable dates. The concept of it is that each day of the month is controlled by a governing officer. There are a total of 12 officers:

    1. Establish (Jian)
    2. Remove (Chu)
    3. Full (Man)
    4. Balance (Ping)
    5. Stable (Ding)
    6. Initiate (Zhi)
    7. Destruction (Po)
    8. Danger (Wei)
    9. Success (Cheng)
    10. Receive (Shou)
    11. Open (Kai)
    12. Close (Bi)

    Good travel days

    Establish day was once used by the Emperor to pray for good harvest. In the modern context, it is suitable for travel plans and joyful events.

    Another day that is good for travelling is Balance day. This day will be favourable for everyone. If you are travelling on this day, you could expect a smooth journey.

    Similarly, Stable day is also a good day to begin your trip. As implied by its name, the day is stable and moderate so it will be suitable for going travel.

    Success day is the most auspicious and positive day of all 12 Day Officers. On this day, energies are positive in all aspects and thus, it is suitable for all activities making it good for travelling too.

    ‘Think twice’ on these dates

    While Initiate Day sounds good, but it is not auspicious for all activities. It is good for commencing work engagements and signing agreement, but not for travelling.

    Destruction Day as the name suggests, it is infused with destructive energies. Thus, you wouldn’t ever want to having a trip on that day.

    Lastly, Danger day is (as you’d guess it by its name) not suitable for travel plans. It is best to avoid this date. High risk sport activities are highly not recommended on this day.

    Even though you now know a little bit more about the concept, Date Selection can still be a complex affair. So, if you really need peace of mind for your overseas holiday trips, consult a Chinese Metaphysics consultant.

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