Guide: How to get to Everland from Seoul

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    Popular photo 'station' upon entering the theme park
    Popular photo 'station' upon entering the theme park

    Ready to spend a day at the magical Everland theme park in Seoul? Getting there is easy by taking bus 5002 from Gangnam Station. Just follow the directions below and you’ll arrive at Everland before you know it. Make sure you check out our must-try recommendations at Everland.

    By Bus 5002

    1. Take the train to Gangnam station (line 2)
    2. Take Exit 10
    3. From Exit 10, walk around 200m to the bus stop directly in front of WHO A.U. to take bus 5002. You can pay by T-Money or cash when you board the bus. (Fare: 2,500 won 1-way)
    4. Alight at Everland Bus Station (around 40 mintues – 1 hour journey)
    5. Take the free Everland shuttle bus (around 5 mintues), it will take you to the entrance of Everland.

    How to locate the bus stop to take 5002

    Once you exit from exit 10 at Gangnam Station, walk straight. You can soon see Massimo Dutti. Keep walking in that direction for another 5-10 minutes until you see the WHO A.U shop. The bus stop is directly in front of the shop.

    How to go to Everland: Step 1 - WHO.A.U.
    Walk straight until you see the retail shop WHO.A.U.
    How to go to Everland: Step 2 - queue at bus stop
    Just join the queue at the 5002 sign post near the bus stop
    How to go to Everland: Step 3 - board bus
    Bus 5002 interval is around 20-30 minutes

    How to go to Everland: Step 4 - Take the Everland bus

    You need to take another Everland bus to reach the theme park. This is the arrival and departure stop.

    Ticketing area at Everland
    Ticketing area at Everland
    Inside Everland
    Inside Everland

    Of course, there are other ways and buses to get there as well. Here are the others and their routes:

    Gangbyeon – Jamsil-Songpa Station – via Suseo
    No. 1500-2
    Sadang Station – South Terminal – board trade-diesel per minute (Seohyeon Station)
    Gangbyeon – Gangdong Station Gwangju City Hall – University of Foreign Studies entrance via

    Useful tips:

    • Set out early to make the best of your trip at Everland. The theme park opens from 10am-9pm daily.
    • If there are no seats on the bus when it’s your turn to board, I would prefer to wait for the next one (around 15 minutes interval). Otherwise, you would have to stand throughout the journey.
    • For bus 5002, try to board the bus at the WHO A.U bus stop. We saw some passengers boarding the bus at the next stop. The bus was very crowded by then and they ended up standing throughout the journey.
    • Pay by T-Money rather than cash as it’s more convenient
    • Have your breakfast on the bus, to save time in the morning. Or simpy take a nap on the bus. You’re going to need all the energy at the theme park.