Malaysia Airlines releases warm fuzzy video in new campaign

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    Malaysia Airlines has recently released a touching love story video in its attempt to revive its brand image after the MH370 and MH17 disasters last year.

    Such “viral” airline videos follow hot on the heels of those by Cebu Pacific Airlines and Air New Zealand.

    Titled “Home – #lundangtonewcastle”, it tells the true love story of a UK-born, London-based Malay boy’s long distance relationship with Athirah, who lives in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The video includes interviews with the couple’s real family and friends, and goes on to spread the message that Malaysia Airlines brings Malaysians home.

    The video is nice, albeit a little cheesy, and it’s a great campaign to kickstart the carrier’s recovery. However, the video’s release could probably have been better timed.

    Malaysia Airlines quickly followed up with the video by retrenching 20,000 personnel from the company a week later as part of its restructuring- probably not the most coherent of messages.

    In any case, we sincerely wish the carrier all the best in turning its fortunes around as soon as possible.