Top 8 must-buy food items from Hong Kong Supermarkets

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    Things you can find in Hong Kong supermarket

    Finding a supermarket in bustling Hong Kong wasn’t as difficult as I’d expected it. In fact, there are quite a few of them in areas like Kowloon, Jordan and even Central, the CBD area. Popular supermarket chains include Wellcome (惠康), City’ Super, Gateway Supermarket and TASTE. Prices at Wellcome seem to be rather reasonable, on the whole.

    Queuing is a common feature of Hong Kong and supermarkets are no different – so try and get everything you need at one go to cut down on the number of trips you need to make.

    When I first checked out the snack aisles at the Hong Kong supermarkets, the general feeling I get is that there aren’t as many unique snacks compared to supermarkets in Seoul, Japan or Bangkok. I thought perhaps the supermarkets in Singapore and Hong Kong carried more of the same brands. But after some combing, I found some really interesting gems too. Check out my loot!

    1. Nissin Cup Noodle flavoured Chips

    They come in a variety of flavours like chilli crab, signature sesame oil and more. I couldn’t resist trying the chilli crab one? What about you?

    Cup Noodles Nissin potato chips black pepper flavour
    There is even a Singapore’s Black Pepper Crab flavour!

    2. Baby Star Dodekai Ramen

    Singapore may be famous for our salted egg yolk snacks, but Hong Kong is big on pepper salt flavour.

    Baby Star snack from Hong Kong supermarket
    Baby Star Snack – Pepper Salt flavour

    Baby Star snack from Hong Kong supermarket
    Baby Star Snack – Yakisoba flavour

    3. Cooked meats

    Instead of the usual BBQ meats sold at our supermarket delis, expect to find items like braised chicken feet, succulent whole steamed chicken and cuttlefish in Hong Kong supermarkets.

    Cooked meats at Hong Kong Supermarket
    Duck tongue anyone?

    4. Specialty teas

    Check out Natural Garden’s selection of specialty teas that are touted to help boost energy levels or help prevent high blood pressure.

    Specialty tea
    You can find tea flavours like burdock, bitter gourd and the curious genki flavour

    5. Instant noodles in well-known HK flavours

    This one’s the real thing – not instant-noodle flavoured snacks. Instant noodles are widely known as kiddy noodles or 公仔面 in Hong Kong. There’s a range of flavours to choose from, but the two that caught my eye are the lobster and cheese flavour and the XO sauce one.

    The deluxe lobster and cheese flavour instant noodles
    The deluxe lobster and cheese flavour instant noodles
    XO flavour instant noodles
    XO flavour instant noodles
    Spicy Tonkotsu flavour instant noodles
    Spicy Tonkotsu flavour

    6. Calbee

    Just like Kit Kat, Calbee prawn crackers also come in special flavours – such as this spicy 避風塘 (Typhoon Shelter) one.

    Calbee prawn crackers from Hong Kong supermarket
    Calbee 避風塘 prawn crackers

    7. Herbal teas

    After all that snacking, wash down all that sugar and saltiness with some cooling herbal tea. Some of the more special flavours you’ll find in HK supermarkets are Mandarin orange with aloe vera, salted Mandarin orange, snow pear and Canton love-pes vine.

    Assorted herbal teas from Hung Fook Tung
    Assorted herbal teas from Hung Fook Tung

    8. XO Sauce

    Hong Kongers love their XO Sauce, which are readily available at supermarkets. The Amoy brand uses premium dried shrimps from Thailand and comes in extra spicy flavour.

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